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Fitness from a different perspective. Research-based information combined with my personal experience. Core principles on

  • mindset
  • training
  • nutrition
  • health

to get you started on your fitness journey!

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What you will learn

Want to finally start your fitness journey - become the strong and ripped alpha guy - but don't know where to start ? Confused with all the info and advice you hear from friends or see on internet ? With almost 6 years of training experience, I went through it all - made mistakes, tried what works and what doesn't - and learned the long, hard way.

In your teens you have the most potential to make HUGE PROGRESS! (you’ll read why inside the guide). I have wasted this time myself and don’t want the same happening to you! After reading Young & Ripped you will have a solid understanding of the core fitness principles you need in order to get strong, build muscle FAST and loose fat. Be more vital, confident and successful!

I will not give you a specific meal plan or workout routine - I will help you to understand the principles, so that you can construct the perfect plan FOR YOU and optimize it for YOUR specific needs.

Table of Contents

1. Why I wrote this book
2. What will you get out of this book
3. Mindset
- how hard is it to achieve a perfect body?
- how long will it take?
- the fitness journey

5. Training
- warmup and mobility
- the best routine for beginners
- build strong and dense, lean muscle
- cardio
- optimising recovery

6. Diet and nutrition
- calories in - calories out
- intermittent fasting
- supplements
- BONUS: improve your health

9. Final thoughts

How I went from skinny-fat, small and sick to lean, strong and vital in 5 years - and how you can do the same in 1

Hey, my name is Michal and through my personal fitness journey, I want to show you exactly all the steps you need to know to achieve your dream body. How I went from skinny-fat, small, sick teenager to lean, mean and strong.

Do you want to start going to the gym but have no idea what to do ? Have nobody to help you with training and nutrition ? Maybe you have been going to the gym for 1-2 years already but are seeing very little results ?

And just like I did, you wonder why ?

“Hm, I am doing everything the right way… there must be something wrong with me!”

And then you lose motivation. Because when we don’t see the results, the reward - we just lose the drive and motivation to continue.

You see, as a teenager you have the biggest potential to make HUGE PROGRESS FAST - as you naturally have high testosterone and your muscles are not used to any training. Once you start going to the gym, they respond very well and grow BIGGER and STRONGER.

When I was 16, I had no knowledge and nobody to show me the right way.

I have wasted my first two years of training. I have wasted money on supplements that are not necessary. I though eating brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli will get you magic results. It took me a long time and a lot of failures to find the optimal way to train and eat, that best fits my lifestyle and body type.

You can do the same and waste your first 6-12 months. (that’s a damn long time my friend).

Or you can read the Young and Ripped fitness guide (which will take you 1-2 days at most) where I will show you EXACTLY what you need to know about training and nutrition to make HUGE PROGRESS from the very beginning.

After a few months, people around you will be commenting on your physique like
“Did you start working out bro?”

Most other fitness gurus out there offering books, making fitness videos, workout programs and customs meal plans had a solid body and good genetics even before their started.

I began as a skinny-fat kid, with bad genetics and a lot of health issues (I go into detail about what “bad genetics” actually means in the book).And I know many of you are in the same position as I was, 5 years ago.

I used the gym as a way of self-improvement, to achieve better health and better physique. Be more vital, more productive, more confident. I turned my weakness into my strength.

Now I want to help you do the same. I want to show you how you can make great progress and improve YOUR life through fitness, as long as you apply the correct principles – train and eat smart, in a way that is optimal for YOU.

If you are still reading this, I am sure you’re thinking to yourself – “okey, this guy seems to know exactly what my problem is and is offering a solution. His eBook is going to help me

• get bigger and stronger

• be healthy and vital year-round

• get a sixpack

• get the attention from girls and envy from other guys

– this is AMAZING!”

“But wait – why is he doing all this ? I am sure now he wants me to pay 40 euros for the damn ebook!”

Good question my friend.

I have had the idea for writing this eBook for almost a year now. As soon as I got to a more advanced level myself, looked back and realised how stupid I was and how many mistakes I made when I was starting, I was determined to do something to help prevent other guys, just like you, going through the same. To find a way to motivate and educate people efficiently so they can improve fast!

Yes, I have invested a lot of time, money and effort into this project, but even if there will only be 10 people that download and read the book and see results, I will be happy!

As much as I am striving to be successful myself, I will try to make you succeed on your personal journey as well.

That’s why I have decided to give away the eBook completely FREE to the FIRST 100 guys!

Just below, there’s a button ‘CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED’ - all you need to do is enter your name and email and you will get the eBook sent to you as a downloadable PDF.

At this point I really want to encourage you to take action and motivate you towards your own personal goals. Because nobody is going to do it for you. It's your life. Your decision.  

Also if you feel like this book could be interesting and helpful for your friends, please make sure to share it with them!

"The goal of this guide is to motivate and inspire young guys like you who wish to take their body (and mind) to another level. To show you, that even bad genetics can be overcome with smart and optimal training, nutrition and work ethic."

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